prof_y (prof_y) wrote in ru_logh,

О, полюбуйтесь на эту красоту...

Какая заявочка, а? Оно-де само, ага...

Вот аннотация к ролику:
This was a real quick job, I was lucky to find these clips from episode 26 and 27 right off the bat. They certainly aren't great demonstrations of the art changes, but they do align nicely in showing off Reinhard.

For those who don't know, Legend of Galactic Heroes is most unfortunately plagued with an assortment of episodes that were re-produced longer after the fact the original scenes were. I believe the reason was because the original productions were poorly done.

The first segment comes from episode 26, the second segment, beginning at 0:25, comes from episode 27.

Загружен он 11 июня, нынче... Верите, что это случайно? Я - нет...

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